Surfin' Bitcoin 2020

Despite the COVID crisis and Storm Alex, the first edition of Surfin’ Bitcoin was a real success. It was very pleasant and exciting to meet up with people sharing the same beliefs, and to be able to discuss these subjects freely.

We have proven that there is a real curiosity for Bitcoin in France, we welcomed more than 120 people from all over France and some even from abroad. The video of the event published approached 8000 views 3 weeks after its broadcast and there was a peak at 700 live (i.e. x7 on the capacity of the live event and x80 in replay).

Next year, we want to find sponsors to welcome an even larger audience over two days (around 1000 people), with obviously a conference, but also more advanced discovery workshops to install your own bitcoin node, or install your wallet Lightning Network for example.

We should do this on a weekend in mid-September to have better weather conditions and accessible waves for beginners who will want to follow the introductory surfing workshop.

See you next year for Surfin’ Bitcoin 2021!



Adli Takkal Bataille

Adli Takkal Bataille

Président Le Cercle du Coin & associé chez Catenae

Benoit Huguet

CEO & Co-fondateur du Journal du Coin et de Bitconseil

Gilles Cadignan

Entrepreneur, consultant, enseignant

Jonathan Herscovici

Co-fondateur et CEO de Stackinsat

Pascal Gauthier

CEO Ledger
Pierre Person

Pierre Person

Ancien député de Paris – 6ème Circonscription
Pierre Rochard

Pierre Rochard

Stratégiste Bitcoin – Kraken

Raphaël Bloch

Directeur de l’information – Co-fondateur The Big Whale

Sébastien Gouspillou

Co-fondateur de Bigblock Group – Bitcoin mining et CEO de BBES
Simon Polrot

Simon Polrot

Président de l’ADAN










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