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General informations

Surfin' Bitcoin is the unmissable annual event for the French and European Bitcoin ecosystem. In a breathtaking environment, it offers the opportunity to enrich one's knowledge through conferences, while enjoying warm moments and professional exchanges?
Combining education, innovation and user-friendliness, Surfin' Bitcoin offers a unique platform to exchange ideas, form partnerships and boost the growth of the sector in Europe. By carrying on this spirit, Surfin' Bitcoin continues to inspire and influence the way we approach the future of Bitcoin and its ecosystem.

  1. Promote exchanges and meetings between players in the Bitcoin ecosystem and industry professionals
  2. Provide precise and valuable information on technological developments and innovations in the field of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network and its ecosystem
  3. Allow participants to deepen their understanding of the economy, geopolitics and regulation of the sector
  4. Bring contradiction and debate on topics that are directly and indirectly related to Bitcoin
  5. Promote Bitcoin adoption in businesses and public institutions.

This year, the content will be mainly focused for industry professionals, technicians, investors and passionate. Unlike last year, there will be no free day open to the public.
This year's innovations:
  • A particular focus on Tech & Research with scientific presentations and a full day of tech workshops to bring together researchers in mathematics and the best Bitcoin and Lightning Network technicians
    The Economics & Geopolitics theme, highly appreciated by the participants, will be honored this year with exceptional speakers
  • Regulation becomes the alpha and omega of “crypto” business in the world. We will explore the opportunities and challenges for companies in the ecosystem through keynotes and round tables made up of the best experts.
  • FTX, Terra-Luna, Celsius and the other bankruptcies of 2022 had a major impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem, so the conference will also cover major topics for the industry, such as stablecoins and staking.
For additional informations, check out the Press Kit :

The conference will take place from August 23rd to 25th, 2023 in Biarritz. On August 24th & 25th, we invite you to the Casino de Biarritz. The exact venue of the August 23rd Opening Night (Networking Night) is undisclosed to keep you surprised but for sure you will not be disappointed !

Admission is available between 8am and 8.30am on August 24th & 25th for a conference start at 9am. The opening night of August 23rd will begin at 6.30pm. You can collect your badge and especially your bracelet on D-Day or from August 23rd between 2pm and 10 pm at the entrance of the Casino de Biarritz.

We encourage you to collect your badge and especially your bracelet from August 23rd between 2pm and 10 pm at the entrance of the Casino de Biarritz. Don't worry if you are not available, your badge will be waiting for you on D-Day at the reception.

The conference is open to all (subject to ticket purchase). Children under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

The exact program will come very soon, already know that for this 4th edition, we are strengthening the scientific and research aspect of the conference. A 100% R&D day is planned including a technical and scientific space to bring together mathematical researchers and Bitcoin technicians.

Five themes were selected:
1. Tech & Research
2. Training & Information
3. Security & Storage
4. Business & Regulation
5. Economy & Geopolitics

No, this year we are refocusing the conference on more technical and specific content around the ecosystem. For this reason and in order to maintain the quality of the event, we are not renewing this open day.
Depending on market conditions, we hope to offer a free discovery day next year


You can buy your ticket on our online ticket office, right here: and pay for it either in Bitcoin or in Euro.
For payments in Euros, Early Bird preferential rates are offered until May 21 and a reduction of 21% for payments in Bitcoin until D-Day !

You can buy your ticket on our online ticket office, right here: and pay for it either in Bitcoin or in Euro.
For payments in Euros, Early Bird preferential rates are offered until May 21 and a reduction of 21% for payments in Bitcoin until D-Day !

For students : We offer you the opportunity to come to Surfin'Bitcoin if you agree to volunteer. In exchange for your precious help, a FULL ACCESS ticket worth €800 will be offered to you if you join the volunteer team. You can fill out the form here: and we'll get back to you between June 15th and 30th. PS: If you want to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD rate, we advice you to buy your ticket now, we will reimburse you if you are part of the 2023 volunteer team.
For groups : Preferential prices are available Only on FULL ACCESS tickets. From 4 tickets, take advantage of 25% to 50% discount. Please contact us for more details at

You can get an invoice from the "Get an invoice" link available in the confirmation email. There is also a button at the end of the shopping journey. Invoices are denominated in euros.

All purchases are nominative, only the ticket owner will be accepted at the event.  

Unless the event is canceled, tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable even in the event of loss or theft. For more details, here are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale:

The organizer collects certain personal data from participants when ordering in order to process their order and issue them a ticket. Privacy is important, and data will never be transferred or sold to a third party.
Regarding photographs, audio and video recordings, any use of photographic or recording material during the conference is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Participants authorize the organizer to use, distribute and broadcast their image, name, voice and words for a period of 36 months without further authorization or payment on their part.
Finally, the trademarks and logos of the sponsors and speakers as well as the speeches and presentations made on stage may not be reproduced, imitated or published without specific written authorization from the organizer or the owner of the trademark or logo.
For more details, here are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale:

Accommodation and logistics

Depending on your desires and your budget: standing, location, services and benefits… At the Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Tourist Residence or Campsite, choose the accommodation that suits you for your holidays in Biarritz :
If you are short on time, the Surfin' Bitcoin team can help you choose hotel accommodation for a commission. ATTENTION : This service is available until June 30th.

TRAIN : With a TGV station and a dense TER network, Biarritz is quickly accessible by train. 2h from Bordeaux, 1h from Pau, 2h30 from Toulouse and 4h from Paris Montparnasse. Information at Biarritz station located 5km from the city center and on    
PLANE : An international airport in Biarritz and two airports less than 1h15 from Biarritz ; Pau airport at 1h15 and San Sebastian at 30min. Located 5 km from the center of the city, it connects Biarritz to 14 direct destinations. Transport Agglomeration network Txik Txak shuttles between the airport and the city center of Biarritz.
BUS : Regular bus line: SNCF station La Négresse Biarritz / City center line Txik Txak Tel: (+33)5 59 24 26 53
BY CAR : Biarritz is served by the A63 and A64 motorways (exit 4) From: Paris (789 km) / Lyon (735 km) / Marseille (708 km) / Bordeaux (187 km) / Clermont-Ferrand (555 km) / Lyon (735 km) / Montpellier (534 km) / Nantes (512 km) / Pau (115 km) / Toulouse (350 km) / Spain (25 km) / Bilbao (160 km) / Madrid (550 km)

Many paid car parks are available in downtown Biarritz, follow this link for more information:

You will find on site :
  • A free cloakroom at the entrance of the Casino available from the hostesses
  • A catering service (Lunch Buffet) between 12.30pm. and 2pm. included in your ticket
  • A refreshment bar offered for breaks (coffee, tea, water, juice) available from 8.30am. to .... and from 2 p.m. to ....
  • A bar (beers, wines, sodas) open from ...... to .......... (payable in BTC)
  • A shop around Bitcoin (payable in BTC)
  • Our volunteers (identifiable by their T-shirts) are at your disposal to assist you if necessary
  • Several toilets indicated by signage
  • The Casino de Biarritz is accessible for people with reduced mobility (Information from the hostesses upon arrival on site)

Content of the conference

Five themes has been selected:
    • Tech & Research
    • Training & Information
    • Security & Storage
    • Business & Regulation
    • Economy & Geopolitics

As every year, participants will be able to deepen the topics related to Bitcoin through many beginners and technical workshops, and interactive workshops to discover by practicing. We invite you to our online program soon to be unveiled !

The Networking Night is our opening evening which will bring together a limited number of participants, who will have the chance to exchange, network and meet up with the V.I.B (Very Important Bitcoiners) ie the speakers of the Surfin’Bitcoin conference, corporate sponsor executives, journalists and the StackinSat team. This will take place in Biarritz on August 23rd, 2023 from 6.30pm. in a cult place that is still kept secret!

In addition to presentations and workshops led by industry experts, our event also offers many networking opportunities for attendees.
First, we have planned coffee breaks and lunches to allow participants to discuss and exchange ideas. We have also planned a VIB (Very Important Bitcoiners) opening party for sponsors and speakers only, as well as a closing party open to all attendees.
Additionally, we created a SURFIN'BITCOIN mobile app for the conference, which allows attendees to connect with each other, schedule face-to-face meetings, share contacts, and find people with common interests. You will also find the program, the list of ITWs and workshops.
We believe that networking is a crucial aspect for the success of any event, and we have made every effort to provide participants with opportunities to connect with other professionals in the field. We look forward to meeting you at Surfin' Bitcoin and learning about the networking opportunities this conference offers.

Others questions

Different sponsorship formats are possible (Visibility, Interventions, Stands etc.). Contact us by email at  to find out the details of the partner offers.

Contact us by email at to find out the details of the partner offers. You will be able to choose between three intervention formats : A keynote, a round table and/or a workshop in a room with a capacity of 50/60 people. The opportunity for you to present your company, your products and/or services, to share your expertise and to make your positioning known. Surfin' Bitcoin offers you the unique opportunity to make connections with conference attendees and build your credibility and notoriety in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

First of all, thank you for your interest in our event ! To be part of the adventure this year, we invite you to fill out the form here:
We will come back to you between June 15th and 30th with a proper answer. In exchange for your precious help, a FULL ACCESS ticket worth €800 will be offered to you if you join the volunteer team. PS: If you would like to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD rate, buy your ticket now, we will reimburse you if you are part of the 2023 volunteer team.

The first row is exclusive and reserved for the use of speakers and speakers.

Any use of these devices during the conference is strictly prohibited (except mobile phones), unless we have approved it in writing in advance. If you take photos or videos during the event without our permission, we may ask you at any time to destroy them and not use them. For mobile recordings, please respect other visitors by asking for their permission.

Animals, except service dogs, are prohibited for the duration of the event.

We don’t recommend bringing large bags or backpacks to the event, as all bags will be checked by security before entering the venue and may slow down the entry process. No luggage will be allowed in the cloakroom.

Solène and Mathilde from the team are at your disposal by email at